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It’s Still Eggplant Week!

One week in and it’s off to a good start. The eggplant parmesan and the veggie stew has been satisfying  my hunger in the most pleasant manner. A balanced meal does taste quite delicious!

What’s in my veggie stew?

It’s eggplant, mushrooms, spinach, shallots/onions, chicken stock, and marinara sauce. Since I just got my clay pot from the holidays, I wanted to test it out…and it works! The stew turned out perfectly with the slightly sweet tomato sauce paired with the slight bitterness from the spinach and eggplant, it was great combination. Pop in some crusty bread for a bit of crunch and it’s got everything I’d want in a dish.

As for the challenge, I need to beef up breakfast, but at least I have lots of fruits and veggies to keep me healthy. So far, the only meats I have are eggs and salami, which seems to curb my meaty cravings for now. Rice and pasta help add that extra boost of energy when veggies are not enough.

The week is almost over and I have half an eggplant left. I guess eggplant week will be extended to next week as well. I forsee ratatouille!

Hopefully I won’t have to buy much for next week.