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Auntie Em’s Kitchen

This post is long overdue, but I must say that Auntie Em’s makes delicious cupcakes that taste like heaven!

I finally had the nerve to drive over to Eagle Rock and experience Auntie Em’s in all it’s glory. Luckily for me, I got in during the slower days…even though it was pretty packed, I got in ok. The set up is very kitschy with a vintage feel. The walls are in various colors with floral oilcloths and such. It had a laidback vibe where everyone knows everyone…or it kind of felt like it. The restaurant portion is really good with great food and decent service. As for the bakery, if you’re planning to get a lot of stuff, order ahead just to make sure they don’t run out. But if you just want to sample, they do have many things to choose from. The counter is really small off to the side of the store, but it’s simple and easy. The treats aren’t displayed all that prominently, but if you know what’s good for you, go for the cupcakes!

Taste Test

Luckily, I got to try all 4 flavors of Auntie Em’s cupcakes and each one is quite delicious. To begin, I had the coconut cupcake with cream cheese frosting. It was a standard coconut cupcake, with a slight coconut flavor. The cupcake was really moist and soft and flavorful, but it didn’t really stand out as an amazing cupcake. The frosting ratio to cupcake leaned largely on the frosting side, which is good if you love frosting. Personally, I could do without 1/3 of the frosting, but it’s still delicious. The frosting was sweet without being overpowering, moist without sugar crystals in it, and balanced out the crumbly texture of the cake. A solid choice but there’s more to go.

Second, I had the chocolate cupcake. The frosting to cupcake ratio is the same as the coconut, but with a different feel. Once again, the cupcake was really moist and flavorful. Now this is a chocolate cupcake. It wasn’t sugary sweet and the cocoa in the cupcake was so delicious! The frosting wasn’t sweet either and it had a mousse-like consistency. If you love chocolate….real chocolate, not milk chocolate…this is for you!

Afterwards, I tried the carrot cake cupcake. Same basic structure as the previous cupcakes, but the carrot cake was amazing! This was moist, slightly tangy, sweet, nutty…everything a carrot cake should be and more! The frosting matched perfectly and balanced out the cake. I don’t think I’ve had a better carrot cake!

Finally, the red velvet. I hoped that this cupcake would live up to its title as a great red velvet cupcake since it did beat Bobby Flay’s on the show the Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Then again, he’s no baker…so it can’t really compare right? Anyways, back to the food. This red velvet melts in your mouth. A great deep red color, a soft, moist, crumbly texture…and cream cheese frosting that tastes like cream cheese…what more can a girl as for? It’s a perfect red velvet cupcake and nothing can compare. (Well, I happen to like the tangy accent in SusieCakes frosting better, but this is a traditional red velvet!)

The final verdict is to go for the red velvet, the carrot cake, and the chocolate cupcake. The coconut is good, but it doesn’t blow me away.


I didn’t have my camera with me for the other treats, but they are just as delicious!


Store Info

Auntie Em’s Kitchen

4616 Eagle Rock Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90041