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Yummy Cupcakes

As I was wandering Santa Monica, I happened to notice Yummy Cupcakes bakery. It seemed pretty cute from the outside and even though it was late, it was still open. There was a fairly large display case of all their various cupcakes. Luckily, we went in there right before it closed and picked up a few goodies. The customer next to us was raving about the cupcakes and we thought we made a good deal getting these cupcakes. She was eating one at the counter too…so it seemed like a good bet since the lady said she comes here almost every day.

Taste Test

For the taste test, we tried the Red Velvet cupcake, the Carrot Cake, the Old School (Hostess looking one), and a chocolate fudge cupcake.

The Red Velvet looked darker in color than I expected, it was dark reddish almost brown. The frosting was applied sideways, so it was flat, which was ok, but make the cupcake look a bit deflated. At first bite, all I could taste was how dry the cake was and it crumbled apart afterwards. The cake lacked the usual red velvet texture and flavor. It was more of a regular chocolate cake. The cream cheese frosting was flavorful, not so sweet, but somehow, it didn’t match the cake.

Then, I had the Carrot cupcake. Once again, the cake was lacked moisture and even had a strange flavor. It was not the usual carrot cake and it was bland. There was no cinnamon accent and few walnuts, if any. However, there were raisins in there that didn’t quite help the situation. As for the frosting, it was ok, but not memorable.

Onto the chocolate cupcakes. The Old School had white frosting in the middle and it tasted like a regular chocolate cupcake, just dry. The same goes for the chocolate fudge cupcake. It had fudge in the middle of the cupcake, but other than that, the cake itself was dry. There was nothing special about these two. The chocolate frosting was ok and not too sweet.

This was quite a disappointing adventure, especially because the customer next us highly recommended this place. I’m not sure I agree and perhaps it’s because I came at the end of the day that the cupcakes were sub-par, but even so, I expect more from a place called Yummy Cupcakes. They were not yummy.






Store Info

Yummy Cupcakes

313 Wilshire Blvd.

Santa Monica, CA90401


Buttercake Bakery

The second cupcakery.

When I walked into the bakery, it wasn’t what I expected at all. There was a small counter of their baked goods and the entire kitchen was in full view of the customer…and the workers didn’t look happy. There was one person working the counter and he was so casual about the items that it seemed like this was just another job for him. Three tables to my left indicated that people could sit down and eat, but it looked like few ever chose that option. As for the baked items, there wasn’t much selection and it wasn’t displayed all that prettily…but I wanted to give this place a try.

I ordered a Red Velvet cupcake, the Vanilla Buttercream cupcake, and a Lemon Bar. The total came out to about $7, which was actually quite cheap and if they were good, I’d luck out!

Onto the Taste Test

First, the Red Velvet cupcake. The color of the cupcake looked darker than I’ve seen, it had a reddish brown look to it as if they added too much cocoa to the batter. The frosting and the sprinkles were appealing and I hoped they were delicious. At first bite, I was saddened. The cake tasted more like a day old, crumbly chocolate cake than a Red Velvet. Then, the frosting was so sweet I couldn’t even make out the cream cheese and the sprinkles just didn’t work…it was just more sugar overkill.

Then, I went for the lemon bar as a break. It had a good appearance, the texture was smooth and custard-like. It tasted like eggs…and only eggs. After a second, I was hit with a sweet kick and a slight lemon flavor. The eggy┬á taste and the abundance of sugar did not help. I was saddened.

Afterwards, I figured I should try the Vanilla Buttercream because it seemed to be Buttercake’s signature cupcake. It looked pretty enough, but I was a bit skeptical. The cupcake was dry…and the vanilla flavor was minimal at best. However, the frosting was buttery, which was a plus. Still, the large amount of sugar in the frosting made it difficult to take. It was another sugar overload.

I heard pretty decent reviews about this place, but it might have just been hype. The cupcakes were dry and uninspired while the frosting had way too much sugar. I’d have to say that this isn’t one of the better places and I would bake on my own than venture to this establishment.





Store Info

Buttercake Bakery

10595 W. Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90064