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Vanilla Bake Shop

After a brief pause from purchasing cupcakes due to sugar overload, I’m back with more goodies. The Vanilla Bake Shop is located in Santa Monica near the 3rd Street Promenade. I wanted to venture here because I’m always at the Promenade, but I didn’t visit that bakery. There wasn’t parking near the bakery as far as I could tell, but a quick stop at the public parking structures wasn’t too far away to deter my curiosity.

The staff was friendly if a bit rushed to finish my order. There were several people coming in and out, but not so much as to create a panic. As for the tables, there was a small group holding a meeting there, but with the size of the shop, it doesn’t really make you want to sit around for long.

A large display case covered about half the space with a couple of chairs and tables nearby. There was a large menu of flavors that rotate everyday and seasonal sweets, I had to try a little bit of everything. First off, I had to get cupcakes…I tried 6 flavors out of the many they have and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Then, I saw that they just put the French macaroons out and I snagged a dozen, two in each flavor.

Taste Test

It was the first time I ever had French Macaroons and I was pleasantly surprised. A nice crisp shell with a soft cream in the center, it’s a good combination. The only thing that didn’t appeal to me was that it seemed to have too much sugar in the macaroon. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to taste as such, but that’s what it seemed like with this batch of macaroons. This experience opened my eyes to French macaroons and I think this will be a new love.

As for the cupcakes, I ordered the following flavors: red velvet, vanilla bean, old school, choolate raspberry, spicy carrot, and chocolate banana. Each cupcake had a unique flavor and interesting combinations. I have to say that the red velvet, the vanilla bean, and the old school weren’t that memorable. The chocolate raspberry, the spicy carrot, and the chocolate banana definitely stood out as well-thought out items with great ingredients. The cupcake to frosting ratio was about even and it was tasty. The look of the cupcake reminded me a bit of Sprinkles and plastic cupcakes but the taste more than made up for it. Overall, pretty good cupcakes, but it would be even better in a mini-cupcake size.

Go for the mini-cupcakes and get a good mix of flavors in your mouth.




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Store Info

Vanilla Bake Shop

512 Wilshire Blvd.

Santa Monica, CA 90401