Root Beer

Similar my search for the best ginger ale, I’m also looking for a great tasting root beer.

The best I’ve ever had was practically homemade. My science teacher in high school made root beer on her own and we got to do the final preparations of putting the bottlecaps on it at the beginning of the year and then opening up the bottles at the end of the year as a celebration. A strong sasparilla flavor with the perfect combination of sweetness and carbonation that went great with vanilla ice cream, this was the perfect drink for a root beer float.

In order to recreate that experience, I’m looking for some bangin’ root beer that’ll knock your socks off!

The Contenders

The Future Potentials

  • Hank’s Root Beer
  • Thomas Kemper’s Root Beer
  • Dr. Brown’s Root Beer
  • Harry Weinhardt’s Root Beer
  • Sprecher Root Beer

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