Ginger Ale

I’m looking for the best ginger ale out there on the market.

My ideal ginger ale would have a strong ginger flavor with a combination of Chinese and Jamaican ginger. A medium-bodied ginger ale with a crisp carbonated texture and slightly sweetened with cane sugar. I haven’t had such a ginger ale in a long time and the only one meeting that criteria was in Colonial Williamsburg, VA.

No Canada Dry Ginger Ale here. I’m here for the real stuff.

My review for ginger ale is based on a 5 point per category scale determined by the body, the carbonation, the ginger flavor, the smell, and the sweetness. The points provide a more quantitative evaluation of the ginger ale, not necessarily how good it tastes. However, the stars are awarded by the overall desireability of the ginger ale. So a ginger ale does not need to get 25 points to be a 5 star winner.

The Contenders

The Future Potentials

  • Fentiman’s
  • Reed’s
  • Vernor’s
  • Dr. Brown’s

2 responses to “Ginger Ale

  1. You might want to try Fentimans Botanically Brewed Ginger Beer. Established in 1905 by Thomas Fentiman in Northern England, Fentimans is brewed and fermented over a 7-day process that creates aroma and flavour unlike most other drinks. It’s now also produced at a brewery in the US, so you should be able to locate it more readily over here.

    • mywakingmemories

      I’ve actually tried that one…I’m still on the way to reviewing it. It’s most definitely unique! =) Thanks for the tip!

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