Budget Challenge

I keep hearing about how politicians have been taking the Food Stamp Challenge where they spend about $21 a week for a month on food to see how they fare. The basic idea is to understand how a person who gets food stamps would fare on the budget that the government allocates for an individual. It doesn’t seem too difficult and I’m up for the challlenge.

My current spending on groceries usually hovers around the $90 a month mark, but I eat out a bit, which doubles my food spending. I’m not the epitome of healthy eating, but I try. I want to cut down my expenses, eat healthier, and see if I can do it all on a budget of less than $80 a month.

So come join me on this adventure and see how things go. My usual food budget cut in half? Will I survive? Only time will tell.

Here’s my personal experience with the Food Stamp Challenge:


This article in the Los Angeles Times irked me and definitely made me want to prove that you CAN have delicious and healthy food while sticking to the Food Stamp Challenge. Perhaps it’s not organic, exotic, or fancy; I’m no expert chef, but it’s good, healthy, and delicious!


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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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