May Update

This month, I did get more fruit and veggies, but the fruit didn’t last as long as I thought. I ended up snacking a lot more than usual, having salami with cottage cheese on multi-grain crackers. Because I split up my grocery trip into two, I definitely lost less food to spoilage, which was good. Also, I realized that the fresh produce from the farmer’s market and from Trader Joe’s doesn’t last as long as ones from Ralph’s and the like. I guess that’s the difference between organic and genetically modified food.

For May, I spent $59.71 on groceries, but I went out to eat 7 times which cost a total of $201.91. In total, I spent $261.62 on food. So I ended up spending a bit more money than last month and I went out to eat 2 times more than I should have because of unplanned events.

Next time, I want to spend $50 on groceries, eat out 5 times a month while only spending $150. It’s still a large food budget, but gradually, I want to bring it down to $100.


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