LA Curry Festival/Thai Songkran New Year Festival


I heard about this Curry Festival on Yelp and I wanted to see what the buzz was about. Unfortunately, I got there too late for some curry and I just ended sampling a couple items. First, I had the Thai iced tea, it was pretty standard…nothing too far off the grid for me to enjoy and it was great considering the warm afternoon. Then, I had the pork sausage on a skewer…and it was yummy! Plus, I had some barbecue chicken and some shrimp balls…all delicious!

Then, for dessert, I had this three colored tapioca jello and some Indonesian dessert (Cendol). The jello was ok, nothing special, but the Cendol had an interesting kick. The green starch noodles in it was fine, the coconut milk was ok, but the dark syrup (gula) was the strangest thing I’ve tasted thus far. It had a tangy bitterness to it that I could not pinpoint. It was strong and almost coffee-like in it the depth of its flavor. I guess the Cendol was not for me.

Still, it was pretty cool that they had a pageant, a Thai kickboxing match, and other entertainments. This street festival was larger than most and had a large variety of products and booths compared to other ethnic festivals. I think I’ll come back next year and try the curry!


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